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Huachuca Mountain Village – Sierra Vista, AZ

Sierra Vista, Arizona is a sister city to Bisbee, Arizona both a few short miles to the border of Mexico, Fort Huachuca, and Huachuca City. This area is pretty much like a large circle that intersects with State Highway 19, which is a direct route to the second largest city in Arizona: Tucson.

However, if you’re interested in more interesting route, venture up to Tombstone, Arizona (Home of the OK Corral shoot-out) that’s performed most every weekend in front of a large tourist crowd and one exciting, realistic performance by real cowboys you don’t want to miss.

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Sierra Vista, Arizona – Douglas, Arizona

Just because these two cities are located in a remote desert area of Cochise County where the elevation is 4,600, the recent population growth figures show over 130,000 folks who wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Huachuca Mountain Village - Sierra Vista, AZ  | Sierra Vista Homes

In addition, if you toss-in the nearby Army base of Fort Huachuca and Huachuca City, you’re looking at over 200,000 total residents and all this just a short 70-mile drive to Tucson, which provides plenty of entertainment, sports options, and the University of Arizona.

Are You An Avid Bird Watcher Aficionado?

Well if you are you’ll be part of the hundreds of thousands of bird watchers who flock to Sierra Vista and nearby Ramsey Canyon to take part in observing and photographing the hundreds of species of hummingbirds who make an annual visit to the area flapping their wings hours on end, in search of a tasty meal.

No wonder Sierra Vista, Arizona has earned the nickname the “Hummingbird Capital of the United States”.

Sierra Vista and Huachuca Mountain Village is one of the fastest growing communities in the Southeastern section of Arizona.

In addition, what makes the city of Sierra Vista a wonderful place to live is not only the comfortable weather, but also the wide range of community activities and the substantial employment base thanks to nearby Fort Huachuca. The Army provides contracts for technical and scientific services allowing nearly half of all the jobs in and around Sierra Vista to be federal government related.

When you decide to make this area your final destination you won’t have any shopping problems since Sierra Vista is the commercial center for Cochise County as well as parts of Northern Mexico just a few miles south of the city. You should be able to locate what you want in their 400,000 square foot shopping mall.

In addition, when you add two bowling alleys, nine city parks, a large community center, three indoor theaters, two public golf courses, a museum, many churches, lighted outdoor tennis courts, six Little League multipurpose fields for the young ones that convert in a moment’s notice from baseball to soccer to softball, nothing is left to the imagination in Sierra Vista, Arizona. In addition, with new homes being constructed in Fort Huachuca‘s Coronado Village, things just keep getting better and better.

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