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Pueblo Del Sol Real Estate

Pueblo del Sol, AZ is a great place to buy a home because it has a good school, fantastic activities, and restaurants that are ideal for families.

Pueblo del Sol Schools

Pueblo del Sol is a major school located in the area. The staff and the teachers are outstanding; many people in Pueblo del Sol have no issues with the school. There are several extracurricular activities offered at the school, but some people think that the school could use more activities and programs for kids after school.

The staff, however, makes the school great; the principal is very cheerful, and the teachers are too. The teachers do their best to help kids; they motivate them and inspired them to go to college.

Outdoor Activities – Hiking

Locals in the Pueblo del Sol area have access to many hiking opportunities. The terrain of Southern Arizona can be examined well by hiking. There are trails for many purposes; there are canyon trails, flat trails, summit trails, and various climbs that are steep. When adventurers climb the trails, they are challenged and delighted. A hike is an ideal outdoor activity for people that are new to hiking and professionals.

Because Pueblo del Sol is located near Tucson, locals can hike at five mountain ranges. City and state parks protect the mountain ranges. Trails travel for hundreds of miles, and the trails are suitable for all skill levels. Hills with cacti and mountains with various trees are just some for the landscapes seen during a hike.

Outdoor Activities – Biking

Pueblo del Sol is an outstanding place for people that are training for biking events or people that just enjoy biking in a great environment. The mountains provide a great atmosphere, and they also provide challenges for skilled bikers. Casual bikers enjoy traveling around the mountain terrains too because some areas are not as challenging.

Biking is great for kids as well because there are hundreds of miles of roads that do not have any cars. One particular area locals visit is called Urban Loop. Tucson was ranked as the top city for cycling by Bicycling magazine. The climate is ideal for biking because the skies are generally sunny all through the year.


The smell of grills that use mesquite fire are common while strolling along the streets of Tucson. Fajitas sizzle at most restaurants, and they are served with many types of salsas. Because the food is so great, people of Pueblo del Sol have a tough time deciding if they should eat out or cook at home.

Southwestern and Mexican dishes are popular in Arizona; however, Tucson offers a lot more. Locals in the general area visit restaurants when they want a take a gourmet adventure. Some restaurants offer many award-winning dishes to customers.

One particular restaurant that has won awards is The Grill at Hacienda Del Sol. Locals that crave traditional Southwester dishes visit El Charro Café; this restaurant has margaritas and carne seca.

Overall, Pueblo del Sol is a fantastic place to live because the school is great, the activities are unique, and the restaurants have awards.

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