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Why Baby Boomers are Driving the Seller’s Market

Appeal has never been a concern for Sierra Vista. With various mountain ranges surrounding the town and plenty of outdoor activities, anyone who has visited the area has fallen in love with the scenery. In terms of real estate, this has always been a major plus for homeowners. Buyers who are moving to Sierra Vista are moving here because they value the natural scenery the area provides them. It’s a place they can stretch out and relax in — and that really appeals to Baby Boomer home buyers.  In recent studies, we’ve seen an increase in real estate activity from Baby Boomers. 57% of Baby Boomers are planning to move from their current home and retire to a location that helps put them at ease. For homeowners, that means there is potential for selling your home quickly and for top value. Here’s why:

Baby Boomer Home Buyers

Selling Your Home in a Demanding Market

Right now, we are experiencing a “seller’s market.” It essentially means there are more buyers looking for a house than there are houses on the market, which in turn, builds home value. As more buyers begin to compete against one another for their “dream house,” they are willing to pay top dollar for them. And the greatest advantage to Sierra Vista is the surplus of Baby Boomer buyers moving back to the area. As they’ve gained equity in their house and their stock portfolios have recovered from the recession, they are again on the hunt for a place to call home. Selling your home in today’s market is a smart strategy if you’re looking to sell quickly and for a good price. Demand is up and with the right marketing strategies, you could get an offer within days.

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How Baby Boomers are Fueling Sierra Vista’s Real Estate Market

With over 76.4 million Baby Boomers, there is a large pool of home buyers looking to purchase a house. They are not only looking to move to a quiet, peaceful town, but are also looking to recall past memories of their previous hometowns — which is why Sierra Vista has become immensely popular. As a new wave of Baby Boomer home buyers begin to search for properties, you stand at a position to sell your house for its best value.

Selling Your House with Sonny Lee and the Sierra Vista Team

With today’s buyers making a huge push to purchase a home this year, you will need a real estate agent who can keep up with demand. Don’t charge head on into the real estate market. Find a real estate agent who can help you personalize your home’s marketing strategy and provide up-to-date information about the market. Staying informed and seizing the opportunity are key to successfully selling your house, and we can help. To learn more, see how we help home sellers achieve their dreams:

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