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    Summary of the 5 Birding Seasons

    Did you know that Sierra Vista is referred to as the ‘Hummingbird Capital of the United States’ by birding enthusiasts? Our mild climate and proximity to a diverse array of habitats attracts hundreds of different species of bird to the area each year. In this post we’ll share a quick summary of the five main birding seasons so you can get out and enjoy the wildlife around Sierra Vista.

    Summary of the 5 Birding Seasons

    The Spring Birding Season: March Through Mid-May

    The spring is an excellent time for birding as millions of birds begin their spring migration, heading from their wintering spots in the south to northern areas which are finally starting to warm up. While hummingbirds aren’t yet in the area until around mid-April, you can see trogons, warblers and other types of songbird as early as the beginning of March. Owls will also be out, so if you prefer to do your birding in the evening or at night this is a great time to be around.

    The Summer Birding Season: Mid-May Through Mid-July

    Arizona is known for its hot, dry summers and Sierra Vista is no exception. If you’re out birding in lower elevations in the early part of the summer, you’ll want to get started early in the morning. Most tropical bird species that are around will fly to higher elevations later in the day to escape the heat, so it can be a challenge to locate them in the middle of the day.

    The Monsoon Birding Season: Mid-July Through Mid-September

    Our rainy season is a productive one for bird enthusiasts as many birds will either delay their nesting or nest a second time to take advantage of the ‘greening’ that occurs after the rains arrive. Be on the lookout for sparrows, hummingbirds and trogons in the early part of the season, and as September nears you can expect to see northern species like sandpipers and blackbirds which begin to arrive from higher latitudes.

    The Fall Birding Season: Mid-September Through November

    As the leaves begin to fall and the daytime weather cools, many species begin their migration to find warmth. Those who are birding in the fall will want to stick to higher elevations as many birds will begin to abandon the lowlands and canyons.

    The Winter Birding Season: December Through February

    While many birds decide to leave for Mexico or a more tropical climate in the winter we still have some amazing diversity around the Sierra Vista area. Lowland areas tend to attract the dozens of species that spend the winter in Arizona, with grasslands drawing in sparrows and raptors, and wetlands playing host to cranes and other shorebirds.

    If you’re into birding or other outdoor pursuits, there is little doubt that you will fall in love with the Sierra Vista region. When you’re ready to buy or sell a home in Sierra Vista, Sonny Lee and the Sierra Vista Home Selling Team are here to help. Contact us today and let us know your plans and we’ll be happy to consult with you and share our expertise. Thanks for visiting!

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