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Sierra Vista’s Home Price Forecast

Value is at the top of our minds when we think about real estate. For home sellers, we want to get the most money from our house as possible, but one thing has held us back for some time: the market. Since the real estate bubble, home values have been at an all time low. For years, they barely climbed out of the hole they dug into, but now the real estate market is seeing a resurgence in home values. Across the nation, property values and price-points have been rising with the economy — and from the look of it, they are set to return to pre-2006 levels. Here’s a chart showing the real estate market climb:

Sierra Vista Home PricesWhy You Should Sell Your Home Now

Now is a good time to sell your house in Sierra Vista because home values are on the rise. In addition, there is a renewed confidence in the real estate market. Buyers are out buying homes before interest rates on mortgages climb higher. Investors are snatching up affordable properties and renting them out to guests. And finally, homeowners are seeing the opportunity to sell their house for a higher price point. Most of their motivation is tied with the national economy. They have been watching the economy’s progress and now see the chance to finally get back onto the market.

Selling now is also imperative because as more homeowners realize the potential to sell their house for more money, more homes will go for sale in Sierra Vista. That means you’ll have more competition with other houses and subsequently, you might have to drop your listing price to attract new home buyers. If you sell now, you face less competition on the real estate market and you can attract many of the “hungry” home buyers.

How to Sell Your House

One of the first steps to successfully selling your house for the price you want is having a qualified real estate agent to guide you through the process. Below, you can download our Listing Presentation to see how the Sierra Vista Home Selling Team can help you. In the presentation, you’ll get a quick peek at what services we provide and what you can expect out of selling your home.

Learn How We Can Help Sell Your Home

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