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Is Now a Good Time to Sell in Sierra Vista, AZ?

When you’re ready to sell your home, determining whether to move ahead in the process can be a daunting prospect. There are countless factors in play in deciding whether a given time ‘makes sense’ for selling your home. And of course, general information does little good. Regional information isn’t much better–the real estate market in Phoenix is a very different animal from the market in Sierra Vista. In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of selling your Sierra Vista home right now, along with a few tips for overcoming any challenges you might face in the process.

Home Selling Time

Local Stats

Now would be a good time to sell in Sierra Vista. Home values are up in the last decade, but slightly down in recent years. The number of sales plummeted last year from a 2011 and 2012 surge. The sooner you move your home the better (keeping that drop in mind) because it may become increasingly difficult to sell your Sierra Vista home, if that trend continues. The number of home sales could stabilize where it is now, roughly equal to pre-2011 numbers, but home values do still have a downward trend. Moving your house as soon as you can, while values are still good, would be a good choice.

Seasonal Considerations

The importance of seasonal shifts in the market can’t be underestimated when you’re looking to sell your home. Right now is a great time to sell, from a seasonal perspective. The worst heat of the year has yet to arrive, people aren’t distracted by holidays, and there’s a natural trend of spring house hunting. As times of the year go, you can’t really beat spring unless you’re looking for a time of year with less competition.

When we get into the summer heat, you’ll find buyers less willing to travel to visit potential homes — you’ll need to put in an effort to compensate for the weather. Making sure your home is temperate when a potential buyer visits is important, as is a bit of patience in dealing with potentially surly-from-the-heat individuals. But you’d be best off if you could sell before the weather turns too miserable.

Moving into fall, the market looks like a less-busy spring. There are less buyers and sellers.¬†Competition is down, but there aren’t any confounding factors in play. Some homes might sell better at this time of year. Winter is similar, except for the holiday season, thanks to the Arizona climate, but you won’t benefit from the winter traveler crowd of buyers the way you would in a larger city.

So, from a seasonal perspective, this is as good as it gets for selling. You’ll need to wait until January of 2015 for a similar environment, though other times of year can still be perfectly viable.

What You Can Do Now

To improve your chance of selling your home right now, you want to keep your home in optimal condition, fix anything that might dissuade an on-the-fence buyer, and reach out to a professional. There’s a truism that you should sell your home ‘when you’re ready’, because waiting rarely benefits the seller. Even in a scenario where waiting would be the best choice, speaking with a real estate agent and getting your home prepared for sale under their advice sooner rather than later would be beneficial. Since it’s not the hottest part of summer or the Christmas season, and house prices aren’t climbing, now is a good time to sell in Sierra Vista.

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