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How We Price Your Home to Sell

Whether you’ve decided to move into a larger, nicer home or move on from Sierra Vista, if you own your home you’ve likely given some thought as to how you’re going to sell it. Let’s take a quick look at how we price your home to sell and what you can expect when working with Your Realtor Sonny and the Sierra Vista Home Selling Team, and for more information you can call me at your convenience at (520) 452-0400.

How We Price Your Home to Sell

The First Step: the Home Evaluation

During the home evaluation, I’ll come out to your property and examine its condition, its location in the community and features which we’ll be able to market to potential buyers. I’ll also be able to assist you with setting a realistic asking price, which is one of the tougher parts of a home sale. Myself and my team keep our ears to the ground here in Sierra Vista and we know which homes are moving, at what prices and in which areas.

Comparing Your Home to Similar Properties in Sierra Vista

Once we move through the home evaluation process, my team will complete what is known as a ‘Comparative Market Analysis’ to see what similar homes and properties close to you in Sierra Vista are selling for. This step is important as we need to gauge how the market will react when we list your home for sale and start bringing buyers and their real estate agents through.

Market Trends: Are Potential Buyers Currently Buying?

Of course, I’ll also work to get a grasp of which homes are selling nearby and how long, on average, a comparable home is typically listed for before the sale is finalized. While the Sierra Vista market has picked up quite a bit since the first three months of 2014, there are always communities which are a bit tougher to sell than others.

Determining Your Goals and Expectations

While I have over a decade of experience to share, it’s important to remember that I represent your interests and I’m here to help accomplish your goals. If you have a certain price in mind, or if you have some other expectations during the sale, I will work to accomplish them to the best of my ability. Pricing is a critical aspect of the home selling process, so rest assured that I will share every piece of knowledge at my disposal so we can get your home sold at the best possible price.

Setting the Stage for a Successful Sale

The final step is known as ‘staging’, which is how we prepare your home to be shown to prospective buyers. We can discuss whether you plan on living in the home or moving out during the sales cycle, which will affect how we stage your home. I’ll also share some tips on a few ‘high impact’ upgrades that you may want to consider, and what we can do to dress up the curb appeal of your home as first impressions are everything. By the time we’re ready to click ‘Go!’ on your listing, your home will be completely prepared for a quick, efficient sale.

So… are you ready to get that house sold? Myself and my team are ready to work on your behalf to assist with pricing, marketing your home to buyers and even the closing paperwork. Contact Your Realtor Sonny today at (520) 452-0400 or by email at and let’s get started!

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