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Home Staging for the Enlisted Buyer: A Primer

Enlisted personnel make desirable buyers. They have stable incomes and are often looking to buy quickly. You can attract more military buyers by staging your home to appeal to their concerns.

Staging means preparing your home so that it shows well to the most potential buyers. Well-staged homes tend to sell faster and for higher prices than the competition. Here are tips for showcasing your property with the enlisted buyer in mind.

Clean and declutter

Nothing jumps out at a buyer like another family’s mess, and military families know more than most about keeping house in tight quarters. Hire a professional cleaner before listing your home and then keep it sparkling.

For showings, entice with a homey scent such as cinnamon. Declutter every room in the house and pay attention to closets, the garage, and other storage areas. Your buyers will.

Keep the look neutral

Buyers touring your home will mentally try it on for size. Enlisted buyers may have already moved several times in their careers and learned what cosmetic changes cost in time and money.


Keep your home a contender by updating décor that shows a strong style. For example, a guest bath with patterned wallpaper will appeal to more buyers if redone in a neutral paint.

You don’t have to remove all personal traces. A few tasteful family mementos will help buyers visualize themselves in the home.

Stage for online buyers

The average service member is under 35 and online. Further, military personnel about to relocate often use online listings as a time-saving way to screen homes. Plan to showcase your home in photo slide shows and consider advertising it on websites associated with nearby military installations.

For winning photos, ensure your home shines from the sidewalk as well as inside. This is “curb appeal” and is equally important for online buyers as well as those visiting the property.

Pay special attention to the backyard. Many service members have young children and will be evaluating homes with their needs in mind.

Stage each interior room, including closets and pantries. Military families have learned to live well in small spaces, and they will notice that extra storage or thoughtful layout.

Highlight special value

Military buyers shop to get the most house for their mortgage dollars. Communicate any special financing or incentives available. If the home is priced below market or has special features, highlight this in your interactions with buyers.

Also share with buyers how neighborhood property has held its value. Enlisted families are more likely than others to sell due to relocation and may have special interest in sales trends.

Paint a neighborhood picture

Military buyers often move to new communities and start socially from scratch. Help them learn about off-base life in your neighborhood by providing information on schools, shopping, and other key features. With guidance from your agent, include more detail to help new families feel welcome.

Using these tips, you can attract enlisted buyers to the property that just might be their dream home.

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