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Home Sales Tips: Understanding Why Setting the Right Listing Price is Vital to Your Success

Are you thinking of selling your home in Sierra Vista, Fort Huachuca or the surrounding area? If so, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is the initial listing price that you set for your home. In today’s blog post we’ll share a few reasons why setting the right price for your Sierra Vista home is vital to the success of your sale.

Home Sales Tips: Understanding Why Setting the Right Listing Price is Vital to Your Success

Setting the Right First Impression

With the vast majority of homebuyers now starting their home searches online, it is critical that your home is priced correctly to ensure that you’re setting the right first impression. Buyers will quickly scan listings before clicking through to learn more about a home and property, and if your pricing seems off it’s possible that they will skip over your listing entirely. Many buyers also search homes by price range, so if your home falls outside of what they view as a competitive price for the community they want to buy a home in your listing might not even show up in their search.

A Competitive Market Requires Competitive Pricing

As of today there are just over 1,800 active property listings in the Sierra Vista real estate market and you’ll be competing with all of them to attract the interest of prospective buyers. Savvy home shoppers will have a good idea of where a home should be priced based on its features, size and location, and if your home falls outside of that price range they will pass on your listing in favor of others that they view as fairly priced. Once a buyer passes on your listing it will be very difficult to get their attention again as many buyers want to close as quickly as possible.

Guide to Selling Your Home

Overpricing Now May Mean Discounting Later

If you overprice your home your sale will suffer in a number of ways. You’ll see reduced buyer interest, and those buyers who are interested will table much lower offers in the hopes of bringing your price down which can trap you in a lengthy negotiation process. All of this will stretch out your home sale and depending on how the market fluctuates in that time you may end up having to discount your home later on in order to ensure that offers keep coming in.

In short, avoid overpricing your home. The best listing price is one that fairly reflects a home’s value and takes recent local home sale prices and other market data into consideration.

Contact Us for a Full Home Valuation and Pricing Advice

Selling your Sierra Vista home is a major transaction and one that you’ll want to enlist professional help to ensure success. When you’re ready to sell your home, contact the real estate experts here at Service First Realty at (520) 452-0400 and we’ll prepare a full home valuation for your home so you can understand its true value and the best listing price.

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