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Having Trouble with Your Home Sale? This Might Be Why

Are you having some trouble selling your home in the Sierra Vista area? In today’s blog post we’ll share a few common reasons that homeowners run in to problems with their home sale and how you can avoid this fate when selling your piece of Sierra Vista real estate.

Having Trouble with Your Home Sale? This Might Be Why

Your Listing Just Doesn’t Excite Potential Buyers

Ask a few co-workers or friends to read through your property listing. Is it exciting? Does it attract their attention and make them want to view your home in person? Remember that the vast majority of prospective buyers will first see your home on a website like this one, and your listing copy should be excellent. You’ll also want to ensure your home is displayed at its best, so have a professional photographer handle your exterior and interior photos.

Your Pricing is a Little “Over the Top”

One of the fastest ways to ruin an easy home sale is by overpricing your listing. Even if your home suits their needs perfectly, many buyers will pass on a listing they feel is overpriced as they simply don’t want to bother with a lengthy negotiation process in order to try to bring the price down to a reasonable level. If you’re unsure of your home’s true value, contact us and our team will prepare a valuation for you. You can also click the button below to use our online valuation tool which will give you an initial estimate within seconds.

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You Have the Right Home in the Wrong Area

As the saying goes, real estate is all about “location, location, location”. If you are selling the right home in a location that is seen as undesirable to buyers it’s going to be tough to get your sale closed quickly. Make sure that you’re talking up the benefits of the home, the property and the surrounding community including any important amenities that may be nearby.

Your Home Has Been Poorly Maintained

If you’ve been putting off that roof repair or some other major piece of home maintenance you can rest assured that it will be reflected in the buyer’s home inspection report. If a buyer detects that there are issues with the home they may end up walking away from the sale as they don’t want the hassle of having to fix some major element of the home in the next year or two. When you sell your home it should be in excellent condition – especially if you’re planning on selling on an “as is” basis.

Your Selling Terms Are Too Restrictive

If you’ve managed to see your buyer through to the negotiation phase and they’re about to walk away due to the terms you’re offering you may find that a little flexibility can go a long way. Ask the buyer what kind of terms they’re looking for and be willing to bend a little to accommodate them.

Regardless of the reason, if you’re having trouble with your home sale – or you want to avoid problems like the ones above – our team can advise you on the selling process and share our experience in the local real estate market. When you’re ready to sell, contact Sonny Lee and the Sierra Vista Home Selling Team at Service First Realty by phone at (520) 452-0400 or by email on our quick contact form.

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