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Essential Home Upgrades to Sell Your Home Faster

Before putting your home on the market, you’ll want to do everything you can to maximize its value, and make it more appealing to potential buyers. You’re probably familiar with standard strategies such as updating windows and doors, giving walls a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint or replacing old carpets.

When your home is in Arizona, you can also help it sell faster by customizing it with features that address issues related to the desert climate. Here are a few ways you can optimize your Arizona home to help lure its new owners.

Give Your Home the Cool Factor

Since desert climates lack moisture, people who live in them frequently experience dry skin, chapped lips and annoying static electricity. A dry climate can also affect a home’s structure by causing wood materials to shrink. Integrating a whole-house humidifier into your HVAC system can eliminate these problems, and help regulate the home’s temperature.


Upgrading insulation is another way to keep the indoor environment cooler, especially in older homes that were not built with energy efficiency in mind.

Adding a few ceiling fans helps improve ventilation and increases comfort; overhead fans can lower the feel of a room’s temperature by as much as eight degrees Fahrenheit.

Capture the Sun

The Arizona sun is unavoidable, so you might as well put it to work. Installing solar power elements like solar roof panels or solar-powered lighting features helps homeowners save money on energy bills and live greener lives.

With solar panels and other required components, electricity can be available to homeowners even when natural disasters shut down local power grids.

Rock the Landscape

In dry climates, maintaining lush green lawns can be a difficult feat, and many home buyers appreciate the Eco-friendliness of alternative lawns. Creating a gravel lawn eliminates both excessive water use and the need to spend entire weekends working in the yard.

Xeriscaping, the art of landscaping with drought-tolerant, native plants, supports the environment and helps keep the property attractive year-round.

If your home already has valuable landscaping elements that require extra water, consider a compromise. Install a drip irrigation system to maximize water efficiency and keep vulnerable foliage safe from the harsh elements.

Make a Great First Impression

If you’ll be showing your home while you’re still living in it, make sure it’s always uncluttered, clean and free of odors. Touch up interior paint if needed, and keep your yard and lawn orderly.

Potential buyers should be able to open closets and cabinets, and look at every great feature your home has to offer. With the right perks to entice Arizona buyers and a flawless presentation, you’ll greatly increase your chances of a fast and easy sale.

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