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    Candice Bushnell-White

    O: 5204520400

    Service with success!

    Candice Bushnell-White
    Sierra Vista

    As a mother of five, I know very well the importance of having a stable and fulfilling home life. I've seen it all, from making the best of the low end of the market to being blessed with where I am now, and it is my deeply-held wish to help every client I serve to find the home of their dreams. Working in real estate isn't just about researching the home market—it's about making real connections with the people in my community and serving them according to their needs and values. That's why I take mental notes throughout all of my interactions, taking great care to read my clients' fears and passions to deliver them the absolute best experience in home buying (or selling) possible.

    My previous careers saw me obtain licenses to sell investments as well as real estate; I also worked in banking and am a registered Notary Public, meaning I am comfortable and familiar with the legalese required to navigate the world of real estate. In my spare time, I am an active member of my church and volunteer in both worship and with the kids' ministry. As human beings, we are all multifaceted; I would say I am sensitive and an overachiever, but I also strive to be thoughtful, patient, and compassionate. I work hard to make those qualities my strengths as a REALTOR®.

    In Sierra Vista, as it is everywhere, our strength as a community lies in diversity. I was born and raised here, and although I spent some time living in Phoenix, my exposure to the big city only solidified my desire to make Sierra Vista my forever home. There's something about this city—it's a wonderfully low-stress environment, with gentle traffic, kind people, and a vibrant Southwestern culture. I'm grateful for every opportunity I have to learn something new about the place I call home. I'd be delighted if I could help you call Sierra Vista home too. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have about buying or selling a home! I look forward to serving you.

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